Appearance on Southern California Public Radio

Today I was a guest on AirTalk with Larry Mantle on Southern California Public Radio. In this segment, we discussed music anhedonia, when people derive no pleasure from music. In my dissertation, I conducted a large-scale study of patients with focal brain lesions in an attempt to identify individuals with acquired music anhedonia. Acquired music anhedonia appears to be quite rare, possibly rarer than music anhedonia in a healthy population. Be on the lookout for a forthcoming paper on this topic.

A fun aspect of being on the show was that listeners could call in with comments. There were a couple callers with music anhedonia - music has never done much for them! It was interesting to hear their perspective on how disliking music has affected their lives. As an academic, it's easy to get stuck in my own little esoteric world, so it's nice to be pulled back to reality sometimes and see how the work I do is related to people's lives.