Neural correlates of recognition and naming of musical instruments: New(ish) paper in Neuropsychology

I just realized I hadn't yet posted about a recent paper of mine that was published in the journal Neuropsychology. This paper describes work that I conducted during my PhD at the University of Iowa, which I presented last summer at the Society for Music Perception and Cognition. 

In this paper, we used a neuropsychological approach to study a large sample of individuals with focal brain damage (almost 300!). Participants saw pictures of musical instruments and were asked to name each instrument. We then used a neuroanatomical analysis to identify regions of the brain where damage is associated with impairments in naming or recognizing musical instruments. 

Impaired naming was associated with damage to the left temporal pole, which is also critical for naming unique entities, and the inferior pre- and post-central gyri, which are critical regions for naming actions. Impaired recognizion was associated with more bilaterally distributed regions, including the superior temporal gyrus, which is important for auditory perception.