CNS 2017

I just got back from my sixth CNS meeting. Hard to believe I've been doing this that long. This was the second year I've been President of the CNS Trainee Association  and I think it's safe to say our trainee events were a huge success. Much thanks to VP Tony Cunningham for all his work on making these events possible!

Our panel this year consisted of David Poeppel, Sharon Thompson-Schill, Elizabeth Kensinger, and Kia Nobre. They were awesome. To see some of their insights, check out the Storify of live tweets here

After the panel we had our social at Monroe Lounge. Huge thanks to Sarah Kark for finding this awesome venue. We had the whole bar rented out which was pretty awesome. Such a great time. 

As for science-stuff, the Poeppel lab was repping hard. JR King gave an impressive talk with possibly the best slides of all time, and Suzanne Dikker gave a talk on her awesome work on neuroscience+art+education. I feel pretty lucky to work with such cool people.

I gave a poster on my paintings + fMRI study, see below. Am hoping to start writing this one up in the coming months! In general, the most interesting finding seems to be that at the image onset, we see more activity for liked vs. disliked images in the DMN. This nicely replicates previous work (e.g., Vessel et al., 2012). However, in the longer trials, after image offset we see a reversal in this order, such that there is more activity for less preferred trials in the DMN. 

As always, comments, questions, suggestions on the poster are welcome! 

Overall, it was an excellent CNS meeting, as usual. Hoping to make it to #cns2018 in Boston next year for the 25th anniversary!